Spektral Speaks MOTO!

We Speak Moto ArticleA little braaap and dubstep for the soul!

Dubstepping our way through this promo for Motorcycle Superstore was a real blast!  The flappy lips were the best!

Yuummmmm! Harry and David’s holiday tower of treats!

Harry and David

As if it wasn’t already hard to diet during the holidays!

We endured viewing this tasty video over and over again to add this sweet mysterious orchestral piece and boy was it hard!  The chocolate swirling was enough to ditch the diet all together!




Love is in the air! Happy Valenbrains!

PVZ Article Pic


Zombies in love with plants.. whodathunkit?

Popcap asked us to do this hilarious spot for Plants Versus Zombies 2.  We covered all the sfx and original music while the plants took care of the Zombies!



Editing a Masterpiece: Star Wars and Spektral Music come together!



Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Electronic Arts enlisted us recently to edit some of John Williams original score and SFX for a new Star Wars game promo on the mobile platform.  I have to say this was a true honor and I was so excited to be working on something tied so closely to my childhood!